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jfaa: Music


Gan Ainm / Gan Ainm / The Star Above the Garter

Willie Calvin's Surprise

(Steve Cooper - song)

The Fair Maid

O'farrell's Welcome to Limerick

(Johnny Faa)
This is a wonderful five-part slipjig we've enjoyed playing together for several years.

Heather On the Moor

An Suisin Ban / Tommy Coen's / the West Clare

The Derry Hornpipe / the Staten Island Hornpipe

The Coolin

(Steve and Angie)
traditional/arrangement: John Daugherty

I'll Tell Me Ma / Lisheen Polkas

The Humours of Ennystimon / the Humours of Ballyloughlin / the D

Lord Franklin

Port Na Bpucai / Lord Mayo / the Gypsy Princess

Here I Am From Donegal

(Chris - song)
A tribute to the hard working Irish who left their industrious mark upon countries around the world, often without respect.

The Lady On the Island / the Trip to Durrow / the Silver Spire

(Johnny Faa)
Three driving reels we enjoyed putting together in this set.

Mrs. Crowley's / the Continental

The Humours of Whiskey

The Rambling and Sporting Pitchforks

There's the Day