Last Night's Fun

Debut CD by Johnny Faa. Over 70:00 minutes of tunes and songs If you prefer use of your credit card, or for order outside the USA, please order viaCD Baby. if you want to pay with a check, and/or would like a signed copy complete with personal inscription from the band, please email us at: so we can personalize your CD. CDs are $15 each. Be sure to include the shipping address to which you would like the CD mailed. If it's a gift and you want a special greeting, include that information too. Thanks for your interest in what we do. Track/Title/Time 1. Gan ainm / gan ainm / The Star Above the Garter (slides) 2:38 2. The Fair Maid (song: Angie) 4:37 3. O’Farrell’s Welcome to Limerick (slip-jig) 4:44 4. Heather on the Moor (song: John) 3:47 5. An Suisin Ban / Tommy Coen’s /The West Clare (air & reels) 4:35 6. The Derry Hornpipe / The Staten Island Hornpipe 3:31 7. The Coolin (air adapted) 1:26 8: I’ll Tell Me Ma / Lisheen Polkas (song: Steve & polkas) 3:39 9. The Humours of Ballyloughlin /The Humours of Ennystimon/ The Diplodocus (jigs)4:44 10. Lord Franklin (song: Angie) 4:18 11: Port na bPucai (slow air) / Lord Mayo (march) / The Gypsy Princess (barn-dance) / Maggie McGee’s (schottische) / Dinky Dorrian’s (reel) 8:40 12. Here I Am From Donegal (song: Chris) 2:59 13 The Lady on the Island / The Trip to Durrow / The Silver Spire (reels) 4:02 14. Willie Calvin’s Surprise (song: Steve) 3:37 15. Mrs. Crowley’s / The Continental (polkas) 3:03 16. The Humours of Whiskey (song: John) 4:14 17. The Rambling and Sporting Pitchforks (jigs) 3:01 18. There’s the Day (song: Chris - live) 3:12 Buy this CD at CD Baby Released Fall 2007. Debut CD; over 70:00 minutes of tunes and songs in the Irish tradition.