Steve Cooper - timber flute, tin whistle, song

Steve Cooper was born in Belfast and emigrated to the US. Steve inherits traditional music through his family. Originally self-taught, he has since studied simple-system timber flute with several notable teachers, including Tara Diamond, Marcas O' Murchu, and Catherine McEvoy. Instrument makers: Casey Burns flutes, Michael Copeland whistles

Angela Mariani - guitar, mandola, song

Angela Mariani is a vocalist and instrumentalist trained in rock, folk, and early musics. She hosts the nationally-syndicated program Harmonia on National Public Radio, directs the TTU Collegium, and teaches in Tech’s Music History and Literature Department. Instruments: Guitar by Guild, 4-course mandola by Davy Stuart (New Zealand).

John Perrin - bodhran, song

John Perrin was a percussionist at Texas Tech University. He trained in rock, classical, and folk styles, with experience at a wide range of traditional musics. John is an exceptional teacher and presently a band director at Liberty Hill Junior High outside Austin. Instrument: bodhran by Albert Alfonso (Dallas)

Chris Smith - tenor banjo, guitar, bouzouki, button accordion, song

Chris Smith is a multi-instrumentalist and musicologist on the faculty of the Texas Tech University School of Music. He is the author of Celtic Backup for All Instrumentalists and the forthcoming Irish Session Tunes by Ear, directs TTU’s Vernacular Music Center, and, with Angela Mariani, records for the Dorian Group with Altramar medieval music ensemble. Instruments: Steven Owsley Smith 5-course bouzouki, tenor banjo by Tom Cussen (Galway) and Wayne Norman (Staten Island), button accordion by Learner instruments.